Client Testimonials

These testimonials have been provided by actual clients and used with their permission. Names have been changed to protect their anonymity.

"Let me begin by saying that my life has been changed because of my therapist, Sarah Gentry. I began working with Sarah in May of 2010. From the beginning, Sarah was compassionate, gentle, and most of all, extremely talented in her therapy skills. She not only listened to my concerns and issues, but she had advice for me that was workable and in which I was able to implement into my life. She never judged me and was consistent in her analysis, encouragement, and hope for my recovery. No matter what issues I "threw" at Sarah in which I was struggling with, she always had something in her that was able to diffuse and help me adjust to the problem at hand. I can honestly that Sarah saved my life because she guided me into a direction in which I never would have headed without her help. When it came down to tough love, Sarah was there, and yet she was supportive and always cared for me. I will always be thankful for having worked with Sarah."  - Lizzie

"When I first met Sarah Gentry in September of 2014; she was the Clinical Director at the treatment center I voluntarily admitted myself to. Sarah was one of 7 therapists that I worked with and she was “The One” therapist who not only made the first breakthrough with me toward my recovery, but also the one person who I can attribute the success of my sobriety today. I thought I would just simply go to treatment, get off drugs, and easily go back home. She helped me realize that drugs were just the tip of the iceberg, and that stopping the drug use, is actually the easy part.  I discovered that the root of all my evils/problems were buried deep down over decades"

"Now, I understand how those problems attributed to my depression, my lack of advancement in life and overall drug use.  Sarah continues to help me recognize and cope with my issues. More importantly, she teaches me the proper way to deal with my problems of the past, present and future.  I have said to myself time and time again throughout my journey, “I challenge everyone to see a therapist” even if they do not have visible problems on the surface.  I have learned how issues from my childhood has shaped the decisions and actions I have made growing up. I learned why I was  the “not-so-great” person that I used to be. However, the real miracle of this little story is that you can change! We all can change, it just takes a lot hard work and some expert guidance from a kick ass therapist! Thank you Sarah for helping me change my life!"